Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seikon no Exorcist~


I have got a big news (or just for me xD?)!! Rei, Ayo and me started a manga translation team, the Seikon no Exorcist translations (in short SnE team, and of course for hungarians) and our first job is Ao no Exorcist. The first chapter is available on the team's blog!!!

Na szóval, mivel ha má magyaroknak szól, elmondom magyarul is xD
Rei, Ayo meg én alapítottunk egy fordító csapatot, és az első "megbízásunk" az Ao no Exorcist, azaz a Kék Ördögűző. Az első fejezet elérhető ITTEN!!! Remélem lesznek olyanok akiknek felkeltjük az érdeklődését!
A jövőben tervezzük más mangák fordítását is, speckó én jelenleg az Ouran High School első fejezetén dolgozom (meglepődtetek mi?), na szóval azért is ezt, mert elsősorban ezt csak nem unom meg, mivel a kedvencem, másodszorra, meg vmiért ezt a mangát nem igazán fordítják, ami meglepő, mert azért elég népszerű, és csak 7 fejezetet fordítottak..és mit ne mondjak...bocsánat, de az is borzalmas. Tele helyesírási hibákkal és értelmetlenségekkel...remélem én képes leszek a szép magyar beszédemmel vmivel szebb és különb fordítással előrukkolni xD.

sorry for this hungarian talk, but this was for hungarians~
and now i show you 2 sketches what i drew today, not so big and not drawing too much nowadays OTL...

my Matt~

and my Ted~ and not..his arm doesnt hurt xD

so this is the all~
thanks for your attention!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here i am, and im still alive

  • mood: - kind of happy i guess xD
  • listening: - Mori Tsubasa - Suberidai
  • eating: - nothing but i want something Dx im a hungry hungarian


Yep, you see well. First: im here 8D and second: i write in english. Why again? Cos i see i have a follower, who isnt hungarian, so i have respect for that person to write in english! Soooooooooooo, i think i have some sketches and screenshots about current workings to share, thats why im here again 8D so lets begin!

ehem xD so few days ago i decided to start the '100 themes challenge' and how you see this is the 36th one, the Movie. One night i bored very much and this idea came out of my head. I know its little bit awful xD but hey its just a quick sketch. One day i want to draw it properly. They are my charas, except Duncan (the sleeper) he belongs to Ayochan, i just love this character of her, and somehow he also belongs to my boys ;D, and i love to drew him with Ted, cos they dont like each other xD.

hehe, just a random shirtless boy xD...still xDD cos i was planned to draw Mori x) maybe i will continue 8D

The idea was from a great song of Hollywood Undead, Gangsta sexy! I love that song, just listen 8D its good. I know failed perspective, i have to fix that, but somehow i like this pic...still x") and oh, they are my originals, Elliott and Matt~

sooo thats all for now~ i know not so much D:

now, im working on an Ouran sketch commission. I have to draw the all 6 boys : / , fuh its hard cos i drew ouran charas long time ago, and i forgot how to draw them xD and since the last time i drew them, my style changed a lot! but its fun! at least i learn to draw them again 8D otherwise i feel ashamed myself for a big Ouran fan...cos I AM!

and yessss my tablet works!! but who knows how long time?

nam, but now i go, its so late~
Good night and sweet dreams my sweet readers!!